Unibloc-GP 275 with Anodized Gear Mount

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The gear pump is built to last, ensuring worry-free dependability and pinpoint precision. Unibloc's gear pumps are the premier choice for 3A sanitary applications.

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Key Features

Unibloc Pump gear positive displacement (PD) pumps set the bar with their dynamic gearbox foundation. These PD pumps offer a solid basis for consistency and precision and provide the broadest selection of sanitary pumping solutions.

Designed for the most rigorous processing and cleaning situations, Unibloc Pump is the leader in 3A sanitary applications.


Bearing Housing

  • Strongest precision-built in the industry
  • Available in both 316L stainless steel and anodized aluminum
  • Solid 316L stainless steel comprises every pump head

Compact Design – Short/Stout Shafts

  • Remove refraction at high pressures – leading to better productivity, improved current, and lengthier life cycle
  • Reinforced jacket shafts are available for increased durability

Spiral Cut Gears

  • Pulsation-free flow – smooth, quiet operation
  • Compatible with servomechanical equipment – offering flow rates to precise specs

QuickStrip® Design

  • Engineered to meet FDA’s meticulous daily cleaning requirements
  • Tool-free access to pump head and seals
  • Available in both Lobe and Gear style pumps
  • One-way assembly ensures accuracy and mitigates damage from foreign materials
  • Optional front-loaded seal design – access to seals without detaching the pump head

Our seamless design and porosity-free guarantee exist for every pump we produce for the industry’s cleanest CIP/SIP capable pump. The sleek design eliminates any pinches or gaps that could build up material or conceal hazardous microorganisms. The gearbox has a non-stick exterior for easier cleaning.

  • Best for viscous material, such as fats, oils, and glycerin, that aid in smooth gear operation
  • Versatile Seal Mount (VSM) technology allows seals to mount on any pump head with no modifications – simplifying operations with multiple applications
  • Offered in an assortment of industry-specific materials and designs
  • Rotor material options: stainless steel alloy, Polyflex® plastic metal detectable, and DuraCore® composite designs
  • Gear material alternatives: Teflon/Stainless, Teflon, and various plastics

Looking to quickly compare the features and benefits of different pump styles, to find the right one for your application? The Unibloc comparison chart is a great place to start.
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