AODD Pump Barrel Unloading System on 500000Cpc

An Original Equipment Manufacturer based in Belgium and Specializing in Medical Grade Silicones for scar prevention and treatment, needed to be able to safely transfer a silicon elastomer from 200 litre barrels to a mixing vessel.

Barrels were fitted with a 'Bag in a Barrel' to maintain the integrity of the product.

Issues, apart from the obvious High Viscosity and SG of 1.1 included; a requirement for full sanitary certification, having to avoid pulling the bag into the pump inlet and then to leave as little as possible product in the barrel.

The System Also had to be easy to clean between production batches, preferably Clean-in-place.

An improvement on the existing 10 minutes per barrel using electric barrel pumps was also required.


  • The Flotronic Barrel Unloading System is based around our Sanitary Style Range of 316L Stainless Steel pumps, and as such is manufactured from FDA, (EC) 1935/2004 & (EC) 2023/2006 approved materials.
  • PTFE used in manufacture approved to USP Class VI
  • The Pump Main Body and Manifolds are based on the the same design as our 3A & EHEDG range of pumps.
  • Pumps can be hooked up to a CIP rig to clean and fully drain without stripping down.
  • Our Inflatable Seal Follower Plate allows fine tuning of the pressure pushing the seal into the barrel allowing for a Clean Wipe Down of the bag in the barrel
  • Our Unique design of follower plate leaves an absolute minimum of product in the bag - we can get up to 99% of the product from the bag.


  • Drum Unloading System
    • Stainless steel frame fitted with casters to allow easy mobility
    • Stainless steel control panel.
    • 316L Stainless Steel Sanitary Style AODD Pump.
    • 3" Triclover Outlet
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