UHT products are designed to fit applications across industries. Whether you’re processing cheese, meat and poultry, or products for the pharmaceutical industry, our pumps are precision engineered for the toughest sanitary jobs there are. We also offer a variety of strainers, valves, sight glasses, bubble traps and oil coolers to meet the needs of our customers.

If you call, we answer. We give you access to the engineers. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers in processing facilities, at the OEMs and with our distributors, creating bulletproof sanitary pump solutions.


Bakery and Confection

Our precision-engineered positive displacement pumps are made to handle a variety of materials and simplify large-scale processing without sacrificing quality.

Beauty and Personal Care

High-quality pumps are essential in the beauty and personal care industry, especially with requirements to comply with regulations and sanitary accreditations. At UHT, we embrace these challenges and provide solutions with our customers’ specific challenges in mind.


Beverages and Spirits

No matter the brewing process, we have solutions that will help you maintain efficiency and produce the best beers to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.



Our precision-engineered positive displacement pumps suit the needs of any dairy application and help you fight downtime for optimal efficiency.

Food Processing

Our hygienic pumps excel in food processing and provides many benefits from CIP and COP capability, compact design, mounting versatility and more.


Meat and Poultry

We’ve developed patented pump features that are longer lasting, more cost effective and easy-to-maintain to withstand the unique challenges of meat and poultry processing.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

We understand and exceed the critical needs of the pharmaceutical industry, including CBD Oil, with our patented, all-in-one pumping solutions.



Reliability and dependability are top priority in the transportation industry. Our Transport Series of pumps are designed to handle the demands of the industry while remaining lightweight and compact.


When you need fluid handling equipment for your chemical, industrial, water treatment, printing, manufacturing, or automotive application, you can have confidence in the safety and performance of our pumps.