When it counts, count on Unibloc®.

Unibloc brand pumps provide exceptional craftsmanship and an uncompromising commitment to easy maintenance and high reliability. Unibloc’s precision-engineered hygienic pumps have been found in the most demanding applications in the food and beverage, meat and poultry, pharmaceutical, and other critical industries to take on the toughest jobs. Its patented designs provide customers with quick and simple, easy to clean-in-place (CIP) or clean-out-of-place (COP) pumps that fight downtime, achieve a lower cost of operation and meet deadlines with confidence.

Unibloc® UltraLobe™

"Looking for bigger and better? The Unibloc® UltraLobe™ FoodFirst 700 Series Pumps answer that quest with a lobe pump that possesses all the qualities of our popular QuickStrip FoodFirst 600 Series—and delivers more. Double or triple your throughput in a similar footprint to the 600 series. Maximize the ROI of every square foot of your plant space while preserving safety"

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Unibloc® Lobe Pumps

A fully machined gearbox at its core, this lobe pump sets the highest industry standards for performance, providing sanitary solutions for a variety of applications.

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Unibloc-GP 275

Unibloc® Gear Pumps

The gear pump is built to last, ensuring worry-free dependability and pinpoint precision. Unibloc's gear pumps are the premier choice for 3A sanitary applications.

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Unibloc® Compac Pumps

For restricted spaces and hygienic applications, the Unibloc® Compac® coupled pump solution is ideal. Offered in two versions – Compac Direct and Compac Flex – offering an innovative design, easy mounting, perfect pump motor alignment, smooth and quiet operation, and a small footprint.

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Unibloc® LABTOP® Pump System

Pumping tasks are simplified and streamlined thanks to our unique pumping solution. The compact, tabletop design of every LABTOP includes a Unibloc pump, motor, and controller housed in a stainless-steel canopy with bi-directional flow for added versatility.

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Unibloc® Oil Coolers

The Unibloc transport oil cooler is a safe, robust centrifugal fan designed for maximum performance during the long haul.

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Looking to quickly compare the features and benefits of different pump styles, to find the right one for your application? The Unibloc comparison chart is a great place to start.
Hygienic Pump Comparison Chart


Precision Engineered for the Toughest Hygienic Pumping Jobs

Unibloc brand pumps have defined quality in positive displacement pumps with innovations that have quickly become industry standards in demanding food and hygienic applications:  

  • Seamless pump housings fully machined from solid steel  
  • QuickStrip® – tool-free disassembly and one-way re-assembly   
  • FoodFirst pump designs that feature the industry’s first patented Safety Swing Arm  

Case Studies

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Tanker Carrier Reduces Downtime by 20% with Unibloc Pumps

Oakley Transport solves seal and pump failure issues with Unibloc pumps - keeping this hauler of liquid food-grade cargo on the road.

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Leading Poultry Processor Tackles Challenging Forming Application with Unibloc Pump

The QuickStrip FoodFirst pump increased uptime and reduced potential foreign material issues in an application no other pump could handle.

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From the Blog

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Meat Processing: Strategies for Reducing Maintenance Costs

The variety of available beef and pork products keeps increasing to meet consumers’ desire for convenience and choice. The more modern the processing facility is, the more plant managers and the industry can keep pace. Yet, automation is not as widespread as it seems, and, with budget constraints, companies must look for technologies that can improve their business operations in identifiable ways.

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How Some Meat Processors Are Addressing Labor Issues Using Technology

Beef and pork processors have a lot on their plates. Not only must they keep down production costs, they have to do it while managing challenges posed by a scarce and low-skilled workforce. This blog post covers: 

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Minimizing Food Safety Risks in Meat Processing: The Role of Hygienic Pumps

While most people were toasting in the new year 2024, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service wasn’t celebrating. Officials instructed Valley Meats to recall nearly 7,000 pounds of raw ground beef that laboratory tests showed could be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. While no illnesses were reported, the bacterium can cause serious injury and even death. The recall reminded beef and pork processors of the importance of safety practices and hygienic plant equipment. 

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