When you need fluid handling equipment for your chemical, industrial, water treatment, printing, manufacturing, or automotive application, you can have confidence in the safety and performance of our pumps.

Because safety comes standard with our pumps, you know you’re installing the best-engineered solution backed by our unmatched three-year warranty. When you need fluid handling equipment for your chemical, industrial, water treatment, printing, manufacturing, or automotive application, you can have confidence in the safety and performance of our pumps.


The automotive industry deals with a hugely diverse (and often expensive) range of product components that need to be pumped safely and controlled. Product components in this industry can be exceptionally challenging; many are of particularly high viscosity and often contain abrasive additives.

Features and Benefits

  • Transferring specialist Automotive Paints
  • Pumping through Paint Mills in the automotive paint industry


The printing industry handles a diverse range of products, some of which boast highly challenging characteristics. Components in this industry can be of especially high viscosity, and they often contain abrasive additives.


The manufacturing industry deals with an incredibly diverse range of products and materials. Many of these components possess highly challenging characteristics, including high viscosity and abrasive additives.

Features and Benefits

  • Transferring any product up to 300,000 Cps
  • Ability to pump particles up to 25mm cube
  • Pumping product from road tankers into bulk containers
  • Pumping coolants in large manufacturing plants

Chemical Process Industries

The chemical industry deals with some of the most hazardous materials in manufacturing including acids, caustics, and solvents, all of which need to be pumped in a safe and controlled manner. Any spillage or leakage can be extremely harmful to both onsite personnel and the local and general environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Transferring acids and other aggressive chemicals at up to 135°C (275°F)
  • Pumping CIP Chemicals into dosing systems
  • Pumping Solvents
  • Pumping adhesives
  • Emergency response applications

Water Treatment

By 2030, global water demand is projected to rise to 6,350 cubic kilometers, up from 4,500 cubic kilometers in 2010. The largest end-user segment of the diaphragm pump market is still the water treatment industry. However, water is not only precious also it is incredibly scarce in some regions of the world.

That increase in demand for water will spill over into an increased need for water treatment operations. Diaphragm pumps are essential for treatment processes like coagulation, iron sequestration, disinfection, and helping ​with odor control, phosphorous control, and solid conditioning.

Overall, water treatment accounts for 18% of all diaphragm pump use worldwide. Many developed countries may already have diaphragm-based water treatment systems in place. Still, other parts of the world are only beginning to implement country-wide measures to provide safe and accessible water.

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AODD Pump Barrel Unloading System on 500000Cpc

DRUM UNLOADING SYSTEM ON SILICON AT 500,000CPS An Original Equipment Manufacturer based in Belgium and Specializing in Medical Grade Silicones for scar prevention and treatment, needed to be able to safely

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When You Need To Pump Solvents Safely

An international producer of flexible printed packaging needed to pump solvents safely at one of their plants in the UK. The pumps were needed in an ATEX rated area, and

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International Paint manufacturer with plants in Europe was having problems with standard AODP due to thermal expansion in pipelines outside the factory. Product was being heated up in the pipelines

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Pump Acetone To Aerosol Filling Head

International aerosol filler / manufacturer with plants all over Europe needed ATEX certified pumps to pump acetone from IBCs to volumetric filling heads. Their existing piston pump suffered from constant

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How To Pump Paint To A Filling Head

One of the Top 10 decorative paint manufacturers in the World, needed to pump water based decorative paints from their storage tanks to filling lines at one of their plants

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AODD Pump Transferring A Range Of Chemicals

UK based quilt and pillow makers based in relies upon several Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps from FPL in their production processes. The company uses 20 million kgs of feathers and 10 million

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AODD Pump Transferring Adhesive

When an International Adhesive manufacturer needed to increase their flow of adhesive they turned to their supplier of Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps. For over six years thier "One Nut" fast maintenance AODD

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Diaphragm Pump For Tanker Offloading

World leading paint manufacturer needed to improve their tanker offloading of Acrylic Acid. Having used Flotronic Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps for many years throughout their site, they asked if Flotronic

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Pump Corrosive Chemicals

UK based manufacturers of industrial cleaning and maintenance chemicals have been using the Flotronic 'One Nut' Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump for nearly twelve years at the heart of their process. Three

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Double Diaphragm Pump On Hot Wax Application

After replacing their older style 'figure of eight' AODP which regularly failed, with Flotronic 'One Nut' pumps, they have almost forgotten they are there. The Flotronic air operated double diaphragm pumps have

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Safe and Efficient Chemical Pumps

British speciality chemical manufacturer has streamlined its blending operations – and reduced downtime - using six 710 series Hiflo Double Diaphragm Pumps from Flotronic Pumps Ltd. The media being pumped ranges from

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Double Diaphragm Pump Offering Inline Maintenance

Zotefoams PLC manufacture a range of closed cell crosslinked polyolefin foams using a unique, environmentally friendly, nitrogen expansion process. Switching from traditional designed double diaphragm pumps to the 'One Nut' fast

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Need to Pump Paint and Lacquers

When Schefenacker Vision Systems UK Ltd, a major producer of car door mirrors, were looking to improve their Paint Kitchen they trialed a "One Nut" Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

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Pump Chemicals Safely With an AODP

UK based manufacturer of speciality chemicals has reduced its pump maintenance time from half a day to less than half an hour, using a 'one nut', polypropylene Air Operated Double

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Pump Specialist Coatings With The Flotronic Diaphragm Pump

Four years and no maintenance required. Yes that’s what one specialist coatings manufacturer has found since installing the Flotronic 500 Series ‘One Nut’ Double Diaphragm Pump. A specialist manufacturer of coatings to the

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Pumping Specialty Chemicals

A leading supplier of specialty chemicals, turned to Flotronic when they had to transfer a 'dense' chemical with an SG of over 2.0 as the existing AODD pumps could not cope.

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Emergency Recovery Pump For Aggressive Chemicals

When Sutton & Son (St Helens) Ltd were looking for a mobile pump to fit on their Emergency Response Units, following a successful trial, they settled on the Chemflo all

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Pump Speciality Chemicals Sealants and Adhesives Chemicals Sealants and Adhesives

The customer, a specialty chemical manufacturer in the Midlands, produce a range of specialty products destined for a variety of applications including: surface finishing processes for the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications,

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One-Nut Double Diaphragm Industrial Pumps

The One-Nut air-operated double diaphragm pump takes pump performance far beyond traditional style doubled diaphragm pumps. This fast maintenance concept literally turns the conventional pump inside out.

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Industrial Drum Pumps

Because safety comes standard with our Drum Pumps, you know you’re installing the best-engineered solution. When you need fluid handling equipment for your chemical, industrial, water treatment, or automotive application, you can have confidence in the safety and performance of our Drum Pumps.

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Industrial Drum Pump Accessories

Customize your industrial drum pump with a selection of accessories. Hand Nozzles provide a safe solution for controlling and dispensing corrosive chemicals. Barrel Adapters vertically stabilize pumps in drums and Fume Barriers reduce aggressive fumes in the atmosphere.

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Metering Pumps

Our Metering Pumps are engineered to safely measure and dispense preset batches of product from drums and tanks. The unique design eliminates the need for scales and pails as product can be metered directly out of your source vessel.

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