Diaphragm Pump On Cleaning Skid

A chemical manufacturer based in the US required a mobile cleaning skid; to be used on their plant, in the production of intermediate chemicals, for flavors, fragrances, cosmetics, aroma therapy and custom ingredients.

Flotronic worked along with one of their US distributors, Anchor Pump, to provide the solution.


  • Two hygienic pumps, one each on suction and delivery.
  • Manufactured from FDA approved materials.
  • Air operated.
  • High flow rates.
  • Pulsation free flow to an hygienic spray ball was required on the delivery pump.
  • Easy Strip-down for inspection and maintenance.


  • Two 316L stainless steel 710 style pumps.
  • Diaphragms, Balls and all wetted O rings in PTFE / Teflon.
  • The delivery pump was fitted with an integral pulsation damper to ensure a pulse free flow to the spray ball, ensuring even delivery of the cleaning fluids.
  • The Flotronic unique 'One Nut' design ensures that the pump can be stripped and rebuilt in less than 15 minutes for inspection / maintenance.

This is a great example of where a customer’s requirements are met and exceeded by Flotronic Pumps via our unique features and benefits.

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