Heated Hot Water Jacket Solves Product Solidifying Problem

A personal care intermediate chemical manufacturer in the USA had an issue pumping a chemical that goes off at ambient temperatures, tending to solidify if left to go cold.

Fitting one of our 710 range of stainless steel Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps with our integral hot water jacket option is the perfect solution to this kind of issue. By plumbing the pump into the hot water already being used in the jacketed pipework via Camlock fittings, the pump is heated keeping the product moving, at a constant temperature – and more importantly keeping the product liquid when the pump stops.


  • Product does not solidify in the pumps – thereby releasing many hours of maintenance time.
  • High flows achieved from a small footprint.
  • Easy maintenance when maintenance is required.
  • Mounted on a trolley, provides flexible usage and easy transportation around the plant.
  • High viscosity pumping 75,000 Cps


  • Pump Code: A2966HT6S150J
  • 3” ANSI 150 connections.
  • High Temperature PTFE faced / EPDM backed diaphragms - rated to 135ºC
  • 4 Wheel trolley for mobility
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