Pump Speciality Chemicals Sealants and Adhesives Chemicals Sealants and Adhesives

The customer, a specialty chemical manufacturer in the Midlands, produce a range of specialty products destined for a variety of applications including: surface finishing processes for the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing and construction industries. Other Products include a range of synthetic lubricants and fluids for the offshore oil & gas industry and sealants & adhesives for automotive and industrial applications.

The customer was previously using electrically driven positive displacement pumps, but were increasingly concerned about system over-pressurization, which was causing a safety hazard. Using an Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump avoided this problem as the discharge pressure can never exceed the air inlet pressure, and if a valve is closed on the discharge side then they simply stall. This gave peace of mind and a safer working environment.

An AODP normally work on a 1:1 basis, air pressure in therefore equals the maximum liquid pressure in the delivery line. This is a safety benefit when specifying an AODD Pump for an application, which also does away with the need for pressure relief valves or burst plates.


  • Products include sodium & potassium hydroxide, sodium sulfates, mersol ethylan 77 and oleic acid.
  • Viscosity up to 600 cps.
  • Flow rate 10,000 l/hr
  • Temperature ambient


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