Safe and Efficient Chemical Pumps

British speciality chemical manufacturer has streamlined its blending operations – and reduced downtime - using six 710 series Hiflo Double Diaphragm Pumps from Flotronic Pumps Ltd.

The media being pumped ranges from medium viscosity material and simple emulsion through to complex co-polymers. Following a free trial, the 710 series Stainless Steel diaphragm pump was chosen for its ability to handle a wide range of products and viscosities, as well as its impressive delivery rate of up to 150 ukgpmThe 500 series was chosen to replace an existing diaphragm pump, from another supplier, which proved cumbersome to maintain in the event of a breakdown.

As the products need to be transported between two adjacent buildings, (from storage tanks to automated blenders), the pumps have to be capable of pumping fluid across long distances of up to 80m. High performance was a major requirement, therefore.

Throughout the working day, the pumps need to be stalled – as delivery lines are temporarily closed. To meet the demands of this process, the pumps are designed to automatically restart as the supply of fluid is resumed. This means that personnel no longer have to run 'backwards and forwards' to switch the pumps on and off. This has enabled multiple blenders to be operated by just one person – making production significantly more efficient and cost-effective.

Downtime has also been significantly reduced as the pumps are less prone to blockages. Should a blockage occur, however, the cleaning process requires the minimum of time – due to the pumps’ easy-to-dismantle, "One Nut" design. Routine maintenance is made extremely simple, by this concept, which allows a failed diaphragm to be changed in less than 20 minutes – simply by removing a single bolt.

"The cost-savings in reduced downtime and the streamlining of operations has ensured increased efficiency,"

"The life-span of diaphragms is also longer, which means less maintenance. We have been impressed by their performance and realised significant benefits in terms of productivity."


  • Latex, emulsions and complex co-polymers
  • Flowrates up to 150 gpm
  • Temperature ambient
  • Viscosity to 200 Poise
  • Flooded suction


  • 710 Series Hi Flo in 316 SS
  • Model 71866R6TEBSP/CAM
  • PTFE elastomers
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