When You Need To Pump Solvents Safely

An international producer of flexible printed packaging needed to pump solvents safely at one of their plants in the UK. The pumps were needed in an ATEX rated area, and ease of maintenance was very important at they were on a critical application.

The Flotronics Slimline range of Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump was the obvious choice on this application - ATEX rated 316L stainless steel AODD pumps, with the ATEX certification traceable back to the individual pump serial number - unique inside out diaphragm pump design that allows diaphragms to inspected in 5 minutes while the pump remains in-line; attached to the process pipework.

Six pumps were purchased and mounted at waste hight making access for maintenance easy.


  • Pumps were installed with 3 working and 3 on duty standby, ensuring no interruption to production.
  • ATEX certification on the diaphragm pumps traceable to the serial number, making future ATEX audits more efficient.
  • Easy maintenance design of the Flotronic AODP means full Strip-down and rebuild possible in less than 15 minutes.
  • Air operated diaphragm pumps can be 'dead headed' against a closed valve with no damage to the pump or chance of over pressurizing the pipework.


  • Used to pump solvents from storage tanks to ink printing machines
  • Actuated valves on the delivery pipework dead head the pump when required and open to control flow rate and volume of product delivered remotely.


  • Pump code: F1566TT6SBSPOR
  • Pump body & Manifolds - 316L stainless steel
  • Diaphragms - PTFE / Teflon faced with nitrile backing
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