AODD Pump In The Iced Tea And Soft Drinks Industry

A Multi-National manufacturer of Flavoured Iced Tea and Soft Drinks required a solution to their flavour distribution pumps. The area was plagued by unreliable pumps and an intensive and time consuming manual cleaning regime.


The request was for a Sanitary Pump, with FDA materials, and certified 20Ra highly polished wetted metallic product contact surfaces.

In addition the pump was required to be in-line CIP capable, with the CIP cleaning liquids being forced at pressure through the pump and pipework by an external CIP skid. The pump was also required to self-drain after cleaning.

As the flavour media was potentially flammable, ATEX was also a requirement to ground any static build up.


Flotronic Pumps were the only AODD manufacturer able to supply a pump to meet all of these criteria.

The pump supplied was a Flotronic Sanitary Design Mini Slimline Stainless Steel pump.


Pump code A11SSTT6STRID1H2OR

Features include:

  • 316L Stainless Steel wetted parts.
  • Wetted parts polished to 20Ra – certified.
  • Short stroke long life one piece Virgin PTFE diaphragms.
  • Reinforced Diaphragms to take unsupported head – Unique to Flotronic Pumps.
  • Removable modified seats for Self-Draining - Unique to Flotronic Pumps.
  • Integral ½” Triclamp Connections.
  • ATEX rated pump to remove potential static electricity.


These pumps have now been installed for 2 years without any requirement for spare parts.

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