AODD Pump On Pharmacuetical Sample Loop Application

A leading Global Pharmaceutical company took on a project to modernise the taking of samples from reactors. In order to do this they required a bespoke pump which could fit several key criteria:

  • Sanitary design.
  • Vertical inlet / outlet configuration.
  • Good suction lift – 3m dry requirement.
  • Small profile to fit in a tight space.
  • Available in Hastelloy C22 and 316L Stainless Steel.
  • ATEX certified for a zoned production area.
  • Able to accept full vacuum.
  • Nitrogen blow down capable.
  • Have bespoke inlet and outlet connections to minimise the need for gaskets and joints in the overall pipework.


Flotronic Pumps – in partnership with the equipment contractor – were able to design a modified Mini Slimline Flotronic Pump to fit all criteria.

By taking the basic pump design – complete with sanitary style internals, the Flotronic engineering team were able to design completely new inlet and outlet manifolds bespoke for this customer.

The pump already complied with the rest of the requirements – Sanitary design, high suction lift, ATEX, small profile, able to accept vacuum and nitrogen blow down.

Flotronic Pumps unique ability to listen to the customer requirements, and collaborate with the customer to design exactly what the end user required makes us stand out from the competition.


  • Pump Code: F13HSHHHSTRIX429
  • Hastelloy Body & Manifolds
  • PTFE Faced Diaphragms
  • 1" ANSI 150 Connections
  • Full certification package supplied
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