Barrel Unloading System Pumping Tomato Puree

A Sauce and Chutney manufacturer with manufacturing plants in the UK needed to update their methods for getting Triple Concentrate Tomato Puree from 220lt drums.

Previously they were using ‘stick’ pumps which could take over three hours to strip and clean, and were leaving up to 25 kg of product in the barrel and the end of each barrel emptying process.

The Flotronic Barrel Unloading System based on our Sanitary range of Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pumps has a follower plate fitted with an inflatable seal which is perfect for dealing with the tapered barrels used on their various purees, meaning that less than 1% of the product is left in the barrel at the end of each process.

Pump and follower plate are designed to be stripped down for cleaning and rebuilt in 30 minutes, giving a saving on time, product wastage and cleaning costs.

220 lt barrel being transferred in 4 minutes.

Hygiene is critical, so the Slimline Sanitary Style diaphragm pump incorporated in the Barrel Unloading system are ideally suited because they are machined from solid 316 Stainless Steel, with no welds and designed to be self draining, which reduces product residue.

The pump has 70% less product hold up than conventional AODP which also cuts down on product wastage at the end of every production run.


  • Triple Concentrate Tomato Puree.
  • Viscosity up to 150,000Cps.
  • Transfering from tapper barrel (Bag in a Barrel) to stainless tote


  • Flotronic Drum / Barrel unloading system fitted with follower plate to suit tapered 'Tomato Puree' barrel.
  • FDA and (EU) 1935/2004 approved PTFE elastomers.
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