Critical CIP Chemical Pump on COVID 19 Vaccine

A Skid manufacturer based in the USA, working on behalf of a major Pharmacuetaical Manufacturor of a COVID-19 Vaccine, required very reliable pumps on an application pumping CIP chemicals from large Chemical day tanks to the CIP liquids mixing vessels. The system these pumps were feeding were going to be involved in preparing the CIP liquids eventually destined to be used in sanitizing the filling machines on the Vials of COVID-19 Vaccine.

There was obviously a Chemical Compatibly Requirement; Flotronics Plastic range of Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps easily had this covered with a choice of wetted materials including Polyethylene. Add to this our Short stroke PTFE faced Diaphragms and you have Chemical Compatibility covered. Non-wetted parts in Stainless Steel helping with pump rigidity, ensured longevity of the pump.

A major requirement was reliability; however as the manufacturing site already had excellent experience with the Flotronic AODP range this was not an issue for us.


  • One-Nut Easy Maintenance - Diaphragms can be changed in less than 10 Minutes
  • Short Stroke Long Life PTFE / Teflon faced Diaphragms
  • Solid Polypropylene body supported by Stainless Steel means maintenance can be carried out without distortion of components due to Nuts / Bolts etc.


  • 500 Series 1/2" Polypropylene Pump
  • Stainless Steel Non Wetted Parts.
  • Pump Code - F11PPTTPSNPT.
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