Diaphragm Pump For Pharmaceutical Confectionery

For over five years 'One Nut' Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps from Flotronic have been working reliably in the medicated confectionery plant, requiring minimal servicing.

A top end contract manufacturer supplying shops in almost every high street across the country.

Supplied in 1995, a 710 Series 316 stainless steel AODD pump with virgin PTFE elastomers has been transferring the pastilles mass from the cooker into the dispensing system, via a holding tank.

The mass consists of sugar, glucose and other additives used in the manufacture of throat pastilles. The area in which the pastilles are manufactured is a clean environment and the pumps have to be washed through with water at a temperature of 90º C.

The mass is pumped at a rate of 2,400kg/hr at a temperature of 90º C with a 2-metre head. Another AODP from Flotronic is used to pump ingredients, primarily Glycerine, into the cooking vessel.

In the throat lozenges production area a 2" Hi Flo 710 Series 316 Stainless Steel AODP handles a glucose/sugar slurry with a viscosity of 15,000 centipoise and a suction lift up to 4 metres!

"We have been very happy with the performance of the Flotronic Pumps, they have worked reliably for over five years and records show we have only had one new set of diaphragms!"


  • Sugar/Glucose/Additives/Glycerine
  • Up to 4 metre lift
  • Discharge 2 Metre head
  • Temperature up to 90 C
  • Viscosity to 15,000 cp


  • 2" Lo Flo & Hi Flo 710 series 316 Stainless Steel
  • PTFE diaphragms and ball valves
  • RJT connections
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