Diaphragm Pump On Pharmaceutical Sample loop application

International active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturing company with plants based in the Republic of Ireland were having problems with tubular diaphragm Pumps. Tubes would fail meaning that oil was able to contaminate the batch of product being worked on. Tubes would collapse under vacuum which was essential to the manufacturing process.

The Flotronic 'Chemflo' PTFE Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pump can be mounted vertically directly onto the sample loop reactor nozzle, ANSI 150 flanges make this seamless. Our unique reinforced diaphragm option means that the flotronic diaphragm pump is the only Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump that can take up to 7 Barg on the suction side, which means the pump can be blown through with warm air or nitrogen during cleaning / drying.


  • Virgin PTFE / Teflon or Anti Static PTFE / Teflon wetted parts available.
  • FDA, USP Class VI and ATEX options available.
  • Certification relates to the exact pump serial number.
  • Pump diaphragms can be inspected or changed out while the pump is still in the sample loop line, giving huge savings on down time.
  • Our unique double diaphragm pump design allows the pump to withstand vacuum in the system during the manufacturing process.
  • Maintenance down time on the pumps has been reduced to inspection when required for validation; previous pumps were failing on every process run.


  • Lift liquid out of reactor, circulate it through through a sampler and return it to the reactor.
  • Suction lift 2m
  • Flow rate dictated by sampler requirements


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