EHEDG Diaphragm Pump On Syrups And Chocolate

A major producer of flavours and fragrances in Germany was faced with problems controlling their flow rates caused by the electric-driven pumps that were being used on their filling machines. The Engineering Manager had experience of Air Operated Pumps on previous projects and knew these pumps would offer an improvement.

The application was pumping products including syrups, chocolate and ketchup with various viscosity to a filling machine; eventually filling 2.5 litre and 5 litre bags for the restaurant industry.

They purchased the  Flotronic EHEDG certified E-series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump with 1 ½” Tri Clamp Sanitary fittings. This pump can be fully Cleaned In Place and then fully drained of the CIP liquid without the need to invert the pump or take it out of the process pipework.

These unique features in combination with the simple One-Nut maintenance, and minimal waste of product due to its compact design, made it an easy decision to purchase this pump from Flotronic Pumps Ltd.


  • 70% Less product hold up than any other AODP; Saving on wastage and cleaning time / products.
  • Fully CIP without the need to bypass the pump; An external CIP rig giving up to 7Bar can be used.
  • Fully drainalble without the need to invert the pump or break the process pipework
  • CIP liquid can be drained from the pump without any manual intervention.


  • EHEDG Sanitary accreditation.
  • 316L Stainless Steel Body & Manifolds - 0.8Ra Wetted, 1Ra Non-wetted.
  • PTFE Faced Diaphragms - reinforced to take CIP pressures up to 7 Bar
  • Tri Clamp Connections.
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