Flotronic Pump Zinc Oxide Slurry Successfully

United Stated based pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer in Rochester, NY had severe issues pumping a zinc oxide / water slurry. The traditional AODD design pump was being overhauled or replaced a minimum of 10 times withing a 3 year period. The cost of purchasing and maintaining this one asset over a 3 year period was $55,000.

In January 2020 a Flotronic High Flo Stainless Steel Slimline diaphragm pump with Atex rating for explosive atmospheres was installed, and to date has run without any issues reported.

The huge wins for the customer include dramatically improved MTBF; Mean Time Between Failures. The Pump is machined from solid 316L so extremely long equipment life is common place.

The advantages to the ease of maintenence Strip-down that come from Flotronic's unigue ‘One Nut’ design, saves precious maintenance time.


  • Zinc oxide slurry
  • Temperature ambient
  • Discharge 5 metre head


  • Slimline 316 Stainless Steel
  • ATEX rated.
  • 2" ANSI 150
  • PTFE elastomers
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