Hygienic Diaphragm Pump For Sauce And Relish Transfer

A UK sauce manufacturer who is a supplier to one of the world's most popular fast food chains, has been able to speed up its filling process using a fast maintenance, quick strip hygienic Double Diaphragm Pump from Flotronic Pumps. The company, which manufactures a wide range of viscous food products, needed to redesign its filling line.

Relishes - enjoyed by the nation's fast food lovers - and products such as cranberry sauce and liquid coffee, were all gravity fed from a holding tank to a filling dispenser, via a pipe angled at 30 degrees. As the line was converted to using lamicon plastic containers, the addition of a large capping machine was required.

To allow space for this machine, the filler had to be moved downstream by a distance of over 12ft - leading to a shallow pipe angle of 15 degrees. Without the assistance of Flotronic Pumps, the combination of a reduced angle, increased pipe distance and high viscosity of products, would have slowed the filling process and caused difficulties with flow.

To over come this problem, a Slimline 316L Stainless Steel , 2in Lo Flo FDA approved hygienic pump was specified. "We decided we needed a reliable stainless steel pump, which could handle all our products from cold fill up to 90 degrees C. We chose the compact Slimline series diaphragm pump, from Flotronics, because of its ability to be easily stripped and cleaned for maximum hygiene."


  • Relishes such as tomato & cranberry and liquid coffee.
  • Temperature from ambient to 90C
  • Extremely viscous
  • Dry suction lift


  • Slimline Series 316 stainless steel
  • Model S1766TT6SRJT
  • PTFE elastomers - (EU) 1935/2004
  • 2" Lo Flo
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