Pulsation Damper Eliminates Pipework Damage

A leading soft drinks manufacturer had a serious problem with pipework pulsation from a rotary lobe pump, resulting in pipes being ripped from their supports and a fracture to an in-line filter. This has now been eliminated after fitting a pulsation damper from Flotronic Pumps

The FPL pulsation damper has been fitted down stream of a 3" rotary lobe pump which transfers orange juice concentrate from the storage tanks outside into the mixing room. The concentrate is chilled to around -1 to +1°C and very viscous. The pressure in the down stream pipework is around 8 bar. The Flotronic damper is a live pulsation damper capable of removing up to 95% of a given pulse. Unlike many other pulsation dampers, the Flotronic model is designed to offer efficient performance without recharging. It utilises a constant air supply to maintain a ‘live loaded’ diaphragm.

Fitting pulsation dampers reduces vibration and pipework shake which reduces stress to supports, allows more accurate readings from flow meters and sensitive instruments and offers a safer working environment.

Commenting their Engineer says "The damper is used on a regular basis and since its installation we have had no further problems with vibration and resultant damage. It is easy to use and has proved very reliable."

Pulsation dampers are part of the unique 'One Nut' fast maintenance Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pump range, designed to enable diaphragm changes in less than 10 minutes. Pumps and dampers are available in aluminium, stainless steel, engineering plastics and solid PTFE, with a range of elastomers including PTFE, Viton, Nitrile and EPDM. All pumps can have integral pulsation dampers fitted as standard.


  • Orange juice concentrate
  • Temp -1 to +1ºC
  • Discharge pressure 8 bar
  • Viscosity up to 2,000 cp


  • 316 stainless steel
  • 3" ANSI #150 Flanged Connections
  • Virgin PTFE elastomers
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