Pump Hand Sanitiser To A Drum Filler

An international specialist chemical manufacturer; branching out into the production of bulk hand sanitizer needed an hygienic pump that was able to keep up with their production requirements, and deliver the product to their drum filler with no pulsation.

Standard AODP were causing pulsation in the delivery pipework, Flotronic were able to fit an integral damper to thier 710 style 316L stainless steel double diaphragm pump which removes up to 90% of the pulsation.

As well as pumping product the customer wanted the pump to be able to clean itself and the pipework 'in place' without disturbing the process pipework. The Flotronic Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pump's hygienic design is perfect for this.

The pump was also going to be used in an ATEX zoned area; again no problem for the Flotronic diaphragm pump range. Every Flotronic ATEX pump is certified by it's individual serial number, with the declaration of conformity confirming the exact zone that the pump is suitable for.


  • Live pulsation damper working off same air supply as pump.
  • 90% of the pulse removed.
  • ATEX certification on pump and damper.
  • FDA approved pump and damper.


  • Pumping hand sanitizer, to drum filling lines.
  • Cleaning in place, using the pump to recirculate cleaning solvents through pump and pipework.


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