Pumping Viscous Cosmetics with a Diaphragm Pump

When Revage Cosmetics, a contract manufacturer in Horley were faced with pumping a Dead Sea Mud they first tried progressing cavity, peristaltic and piston pumps without success.

Then they trialed a 'One Nut' Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump from Flotronic Pumps Ltd. The trial proved to be successful and so they purchased a 2" HiFlo 710 Series 316 Stainless Steel Hygienic Pump. The mud has a SG of 1.4 and is extremely viscous and abrasive. However the Flotronic diaphragm pump performed extremely well pumping up to 8 tonnes per hour from the mixer into pallecons.

From Revage, the product is then delivered to A E Adams (Henfield) Limited who are specialist contract packers. This particular product was a considerable challenge. A E Adams (Henfield) Limited have been using AODD pumps for over 20 years and moved to Flotronic units five years ago.These are used on a variety of product types so when faced with handling Dead Sea Mud the obvious choice was Flotronic.

Cliff Preston – Engineering Manager: "It was a natural choice since we invariably need a speedy response in this business and Flotronic gave us a brilliant service. You ring up one day and get the pump the next. We traditionally used old style AODD pumps but have gradually been changing over to Flotronic – we find them competitive, easy to maintain and the service is second to none".

For the Dead Sea mud application they also use a 2" HiFlo stainless steel 710 series double diaphragm pump with Nitrile diaphragms and weighted rubber balls. The pump transfers the product from IBC’s, Flowbins or Pallecons into a break tank on the filling machine. They also use the pump to recirculate the product, keeping the mud in suspension and can be run for up to 24 hours per day.

The Dead Sea Mud is marketed and sold by a leading toiletry company based in the United Kingdom, who specialise in natural affordable toiletries.


  • Dead Sea Mud
  • Viscosity in excess of 150,000cps - Thixotropic
  • Flowrate up to 8 Tonnes/hr
  • Temperature ambient
  • Flooded suction



  • 710 Series Stainless steel
  • Size 2"
  • Nitrile elastomers
  • Weighted rubber balls
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