Pumps for CIP Chemicals Transfer

UK based creamery replacing older style diaphragm pumps with their "One Nut" quick maintenance pump, Flotronic Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps are used for pumping caustic and nitric acid as part of the CIP (Cleaning In Place) procedures.

Commenting on the replacement, Islwyn Davies – engineering team leader said "We liked the simplicity of maintenance compared to the previous pumps we were using and we found the FPL diaphragm pumps more reliable – there have been no failures in the last 18 months".

They are using a number of ½" & 1" 710 Series stainless steel pumps for dosing caustic which is used for cleaning pipelines, butter makers, heat exchangers and tankers.

Each pump is fitted with PTFE diaphragms and the unique Flotronic rupture protection barrier system, a secondary back-up diaphragm behind each working diaphragm, creating an intermediate safety chamber. Should the working diaphragm rupture, these protect the pump air system from damage and contain the liquid within the pump. This is particularly important when the product being handled is hazardous. An additional benefit is the protection of the environment, preventing chemicals being discharged into the atmosphere. It is also possible to keep the pump running and finish the dosing cycle, thus saving time and money.


  • 710 Series stainless steel
  • Size ½" & 1" PTFE elastomers
  • PTFE elastomers
  • Rupture protection barrier fitted


  • Caustic and nitric acid
  • Flowrate up to 30 gpm
  • Temperature 79C
  • Flooded suction
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