Sanitary Valves for Industrial Pumps

Designed for a variety of applications, we offer complete selection of sanitary valves including pressure relief valves, check valves, and butterfly valves.




View a complete selection of sanitary valves including pressure relief valves, check valves and butterfly valves.

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Our butterfly valves are designed for a variety of applications and are crafted for easy maintenance. If you have specific application requirements, we can tailor our butterfly valves to those needs. Our sanitary valves are also designed for effectiveness and tight sealing. We perform rigorous testing that demonstrates our commitment to sanitary design. Finally, our sanitary pressure relief valve is engineered with our SimpleSet design that makes it the top choice for over 25 years. When you want reliable, long lasting, and sanitary valve design, choose Hygenitec.


Sanitary pressure relief valves regulate pressure and prevent operational malfunctions. They’re uniquely suited for two conditions: 

  • Emergency conditions: pressure build-up due to equipment failure, system upset, or malfunctioning.
  • Normal conditions: pressure build-up due to daily system routines.

Safety points including stainless steel make valves suitable for protecting equipment used in high-pressure food processing, biopharmaceutical, chemical, and personal care industries.

Pressure relief valves function by opening when pressure build-up inside the system goes beyond some specified mark. When the valve opens, the fluid, liquid, moisture or steam escapes and the pressure inside the system lowers to an average level.

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