Unibloc News Release

Unibloc Pump Acquires R&H, Germany

May 2018

The Challenge

Founded in 1984, UNIBLOC-PUMP, has been a pioneer in the industry worldwide for Sanitary Pumps, Strainers and Valves. Our goal is to continue to offer the highest quality and newest innovations for a growing market. As our company grows we have kept customer satisfaction and business success in the forefront of our decision making.

Our current challenge as a growing company is to reach an increasingly globalized market. This sets us up for our next big step.

The Announcement

We are delighted to announce that Unibloc-Pump, has acquired a company in Germany, R&H GmbH. With Unibloc-Pump, as a leading US pump manufacturer, and its Swedish sister company, Unibloc Pump AB, the combined merger will make us the market leader in Europe for Road Tanker Pumps. The new company will be named: UNIBLOC-PUMP R&H GmbH. We now have 2 locations in Europe with our world headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA.

Future Impact

Together we will create new possibilities, set new standards and inspire our customers.
We will:

  • Provide new revolutionary, high-quality, high-performance solutions for tanker unloading
  • Supply the entire segment of the road tanker industry
  • Offer solutions for multiple products, whether liquid foods, chemicals, acids/alkalis, AdBlue, oils or liquid wastes
  • Increase and improve our European service network
  • Solidify the No. 1 position in Europe.


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