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Unibloc Pump Adds Three New Models to Innovative QuickStrip FoodFirst 600 Pump Series

Upgrades to innovative stainless pump design further protect pumps from foreign material and damage during sanitation in food processing applications

ATLANTA – September 1, 2020Unibloc Pump, a U.S.-based leading manufacturer of Sanitary positive displacement pumps and products, today announced the addition of three new pumps in its QuickStrip FoodFirst 600 pump series – the QS FF 602, QS FF 652 and QS FF 677. These pumps feature a patented, all-stainless design with no rotor bolts or O-ring, helping eliminate the most common causes of foreign material entering the process stream and reducing damage during sanitation.

“These additions to the QuickStrip FoodFirst product line are just another step in the QuickStrip product evolution,” said Eric Soderstrom, Sales Engineer at Unibloc Pump. “We’ve taken our extensive 35-year history of pump design knowledge in the food processing industry to make one of our best technologies even better and safer. These pumps are the ideal solution for our food processing customers and currently being used in several high-profile applications.”

New features for cleaner, safer food processing

The QS FF 600 series pumps are precision engineered from stainless steel, with an all-new free-floating rotor design that contains no rotor bolts. This upgraded rotor design is specifically for food processing applications requiring daily strip-down sanitization. With fewer components than other sanitary pumps, the Unibloc QS FF 600 pumps can be assembled and reassembled easily with no tools, minimizing wear and tear during sanitation cycles. These pumps also are the most detectable on the market, ensuring product and production safety.

The QS FF 600 series pumps use new specifications that allow them to be fully operable without the use of a front cover O-ring, in most cases. This eliminates the risks of the O-ring tearing or pinching, which is often the source of foreign material in the process stream. These pumps also feature the industry-first Safety Swing Arm, which provides an added measure of safety for both employees and the pump. By supporting the front cover and keeping it off the floor, the Safety Swing Arm reduces damage to the cover and other pump components and helps minimize the risk of accidental injury.

These state-of-the-art pumps build upon three decades of innovation to the QuickStrip product line, offering more solutions to food processors.

“We’ve continually refined our QuickStrip technology throughout Unibloc’s history,” said Soderstrom. “The new QS FF 600 pumps are a huge leap forward in our product offering and will continue setting us apart from other pump manufacturers.”

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Since 1984, Unibloc Pump has provided the food and beverage, meat and poultry, pharmaceutical and more industries with precision-engineered sanitary pumps, strainers, valves and other accessory products to tackle the toughest sanitary jobs. Unibloc is the premier designer of simple, easy-to-clean pumps that help customers fight downtime and achieve a lower cost of operation. For more information, visit www.UniblocPump.com.

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