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Flotronic® AODD+ One-Nut® Pump vs. Traditional AODD Pump

See how a Flotronic® AODD+ pump, with its unique One-Nut® design, greatly accelerates cleaning and maintenance times compared to a traditional AODD pump. Watch this video of a head-to-head comparison of a Flotronic AODD+ pump vs. a traditional double-diaphragm pump and see the difference for yourself. Watch as a worker disassembles a Flotronic AODD+ pump in just three steps while disassembling a traditional air-operated double-diaphragm pump requires 18 steps. There is plenty of time for the first worker to move on to other maintenance or cleaning tasks. Also, there is only one large nut to keep track of, compared to more than 50 parts to keep track of with a traditional pump. That represents 50 fewer opportunities for a small part to be lost into the process fluid. What’s more, a Flotronic AODD+ pump stays in-line for cleaning, while a traditional double-diaphragm pump requires disconnection from the line. Not all hygienic diaphragm pumps are created equal. That’s why we say: You may have tried an AODD, but that’s nothing like a Flotronic AODD+!

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