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Flotronic® One-Nut Simplifies Barrel Unloading

Looking for better drum and barrel unloading? Unibloc® Hygienic Technologies has simplified the process of unloading drums with its Flotronic® Drum Unloading System. At its core, the system features Unibloc’s unique, proprietary One-Nut® Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pump, the only drum unloading system designed to offer operators clean-in-place (CIP) capability and a dramatically faster cleaning cycle time. The Flotronic One-Nut pump based on 3A and EHEDG design guidelines, enables inline disassembly to access diaphragms without having to disconnect the pump from the process pipework. Experience quicker, easier cleaning cycles to expedite any maintenance requirements. The included drum unloading skid can be mounted on casters to allow system mobility. Empty drums of highly viscous materials up to 500,000 centipoises (cP) quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly anywhere throughout your facility.

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