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Replacing Diaphragms on a PD551 Pump

Unibloc Pump Truck Pumps are known for being the most reliable, easy to maintain, food-grade pumps on the road today. This step-by-step video demonstrates relief valve servicing for the Unibloc Pump PD551 sanitary positive displacement pump for truck pumps in the tanker transportation industry. Our transportation solutions are engineered to handle the specific demands of loading and unloading tankers, while utilizing minimal space on the vehicle. Our light-weight Road Tanker pump features a compact design, with front loaded shaft seals and rotors designed specifically for low repair cost, easy cleaning and maintenance. They’re constructed from stainless steel with the cleanest pump head in the industry, and the compact bearing housing has proven to withstand the everyday rigors of the transportation industry. Parts: Seals: 5272 Tools: 6230 and 6130 Sleeves: 4939B-CRO Shim Kit: PD501-Front Shim

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