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Need a new Gear/Lobe/AODD pump or flow control valve right away? Need a faster shipping option than the 6-8 weeks you’re hearing?

It’s time for a better – and faster – answer from Unibloc® Hygienic Technologies. You can save time and money by starting your line quicker with UHT’s Ship-It-Now capability. With our recent acquisitions and plant expansions, we can ship Unibloc and Flotronic® One-Nut® AODD pumps, along with complementary Hygenitic flow control valves and Standard Pump products in one week or two, sometimes even the same day!

Immediate Deliveries:

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Industry-Leading Ship Times from The Pump Performance Leader

We bring Tier 1 performance to the world’s most demanding pump processing applications. In the daily battle against downtime and sanitary compliance, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder alongside customers to solve every problem. Meet every deadline. And drive Total Cost of Ownership performance better than any other vendor in the plant.

Unibloc Pumps

Unibloc defines quality in positive displacement lobe and gear pumps with QuickStrip® tool-free disassembly, one-way re-assembly, and patented Safety Swing Arm.

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Flotronic One-Nut AODD Pumps

Our unique One-Nut design allows easy tool-free CIP maintenance in just 15-minutes. Other pumps require two or more hours of downtime for cleaning, which can cost you in dollars and lost productivity.

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Hygenitec Flow Control

We tackle the toughest jobs with superior valves, sight glasses, bubble traps, strainers, oil coolers and more.

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Standard Pump

Safety Comes Standard with our fluid handling equipment that includes industrial drum pumps, DEF pumps, metering systems and pump lifts manufactured with quality design.

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How Can UHT Overcome These Supply Chain Issues?

Unibloc Hygienic Technologies made a variety of moves to build capacity in North America to crush the delivery delays and to solve the supply chain issues that face other companies:

  • Expanded production capacity in Europe and North American facilities
  • Acquired Metaltech Precision Engineers to vertically integrate CNC machining capacity to accelerate deliveries of critical pump components like rotors, housings and shafts
  • Increased customer response service capabilities with expanded customer service teams and application engineering staff

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When it counts, count on Unibloc®.

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