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Flotronic® Barrel Unloading System

The Flotronic Barrel Unloading System combines our unique One Nut Sanitary Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump with our Barrel Unloading Skid; perfect for high viscosities.

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Key Features
  • Combining the High Flow Slimline Style One Nut diaphragm pump with our barrel emptying system, enables you to now pump highly viscous materials out of your barrel at increased flow rates.
  • System can be cleaned in place using the pump itself or an external CIP rig.
  • Can be easily stripped down for cleaning due to the One Nut design of the pump.
  • Minimal wastage is achieved with our inflatable seal which ensures the minimum of product is retained in the barrel.
  • Less product hold up than other systems. 
  • The seal inflates to give an excellent seal while moving down the barrel; then deflating to enable easy removal from the barrel.
  • Ideal for applications such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and chemical.

Bespoke systems made to customer requirements:

  • Systems to cater for any fibre, metal or plastic 200 litre/55 gallon drum or similar.
  • Systems to cater for Stainless Totes.
  • The barrel unloading skid can be fully mobile or fixed in place.
  • Barrel unloading system to suit the end user’s needs, including roller systems if required


The Flotronic barrel unloading system combines our unique One Nut hygienic / sanitary style, FDA approved, (EC) 1935/2004 & 2023/2006 approved, Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pump with our barrel unloading skid.

The One Nut sanitary style diaphragm pump based on our 3A and EHEDG design, has already proven itself in the hygienic and sanitary industries.



Looking to quickly compare the features and benefits of different pump styles, to find the right one for your application? The Unibloc comparison chart is a great place to start.
Hygienic Pump Comparison Chart


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Flotronic® One-Nut Simplifies Barrel Unloading

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Barrel Unloading System Pumping Tomato Puree

A Sauce and Chutney manufacturer with manufacturing plants in the UK needed to update their methods for getting Triple Concentrate Tomato Puree from 220lt drums. Previously they were using ‘stick’ pumps

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