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  • Chemflo PTFE Pump

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  • Chemflo PTFE Pump

One-Nut Double Diaphragm Industrial Pumps

Flotronic® Chemflo PTFE Pump

FDA Compliant PTFE AODD Pump machined from a solid block of Virgin or anti-static PTFE, housed completely inside a stainless steel casing, providing safe transfer of your hazardous liquids.

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Key Features
  • Self-priming, suction lifts (3.6m/12ft dry and 8m/26ft wet)
  • Can run dry
  • Able to stop/re-start against closed/open valve without pressure relief or damage
  • Ease of maintenance through Flotronic Pumps’ ‘One-Nut’ fast stripdown technology
  • Easy air valve maintenance when pump is in-line
  • A range of ½” to 3” connections
  • ATEX Directive compliant up to Gas Group IIC
  • Optional diaphragm rupture detection system with instant pump shut-down alarm facility to keep product contamination-free
  • Optional high temperature diaphragm allows for a 135ºC (275ºF) maximum operating temperature
  • Air valves available in Polypropylene, PTFE and Stainless Steel
  • A range of connections include ANSI/DIN/BS flanges with PTFE raised face as standard. Other connections can be supplied on request
  • Latest designs eliminate the costly internal air mechanisms normally associated with Double Diaphragm Pumps – and with no requirement for lubrication
  • Material certification available on request (eg: 2.2 on wetted components).


  • Maintain levels of safety in hazardous environments and operations
  • Reduce down time and cleaning costs
  • Keep operations running and cost-efficient


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The Chemflo range of PTFE Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pumps have been specifically designed to handle your hazardous materials including aggressive chemicals. Crucial to the design is an outer Stainless Steel housing which supports and protects the main PTFE pump body which is machined from a solid block of PTFE / Teflon, through a range of pressure and temperature variations. This ensures a perfect seal is retained under all conditions.

Diaphragms are PTFE or TFM faced with Nitrile or EPDM backing, Balls and seats are all manufactured from USP Class VI and FDA approved PTFE or TFM.

All making the PTFE Chemflo Ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical and similar industries.

Flotronic’s unique One-Nut concept is particularly useful given the Chemflo’s likely applications. The One-Nut design of double diaphragm pump is a fast maintenance, fast Strip-down concept that turns the conventional pump inside out. Fluid passes between the diaphragms directly through the centre of the pump with air pressure operating on the outside. The pump is held together by one nut on the side opposite the external air valve.

‘One-Nut’ allows in-line inspection/replacement of diaphragms in less than 15 minutes. The outer metal housing is a further reason for the Chemflo’s extensive use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Others include the Chemflo’s ability, as an Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pump, to self-prime, dry-run, dead-head and handle solids.

Like all Flotronic pumps, the Chemflo can be customised to suit any application or location. With environmental protection in mind, Diaphragm Rupture Protection and fully pneumatic Alarm Systems can be fitted.

A range of accessories is also available including Pneumatic Pulsation Dampers and Batch Control Counters.

An optional 2 or 4 wheeled trolley with guide handle makes the Chemflo easily transportable.



  • Chemical, pharmaceutical and similar industries
  • Pilot plants (often in sampling lines)
  • As emergency pumps for hazardous chemical recovery.

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